Wedding Season is Here! Do We Have Any Chocoholic Brides?

Are you a chocoholic? Yes, you.  If I were looking in the mirror, I’d be raising my hand.  Chocolate is my ultimate weakness!

Some of us are truly chocolate-obsessed. A true chocoholic is really among an elite group of dedicated, hard-working enthusiasts.shutterstock_103250324

Not sure if you truly fall into the serious Chocoholic category? I can help!

Here’s the Bride-to-be Chocoholics checklist:

  1. You cling to studies that prove chocolate is good for you.
  2. You order Choc-tails instead of dessert: Mudslide, Chocolate Chip Martinis and Spiked Hot Mochas.
  3. You dip your fruit in warm, gooey chocolate fudge and still call it a fruit salad.
  4. You plan to start a grassroots movement to get the cacao bean listed in the protein section of the food pyramid.
  5. You actually call it a ‘hit’ at three o’clock in the afternoon when that chocolate craving strikes and you need it to get through the rest of the day.

And now this is where Mix Party comes into it.  Are you trying to incorporate chocolate in your wedding favors, but want something different and special?  Bored of personalized chocolate bars? Have you seen too many chocolate cupcake towers and cake pops? Are you ready for something more creative than a simple chocolate in a box?

How about you serve your guests a Mix Party Heart Shaped bottle filled with Chocolate Truffle Wine Cocktail?

At Mix Party, we allow you to totally indulge your chocoholic sense and provide your guests liquid chocolate with a cocktail kick!

We know brides, and we know how important it is to match you theme, budget and also express he happy couples’ personal tastes. At Mix Party, you can select your wedding favor bottle, then easily select from our range of Chocolate Wine Cocktails.

Treat your wedding guests to Rocky Road Wine Cocktail, Chocolate Truffle Wine Cocktail, Chocolate Coconut Wine Cocktail, Chocolate Rusky (for the Mudslide lovers) or one of our best sellers Chocolate Chili Wine Cocktail. Mix Party is really the home of Bride-to-be Chocoholics.

Happy indulging!

p.s. If you need to make a little extra money for that big day, why not check out our home business opportunity? Enjoy sharing cocktails and good food with friends, while earning money for your wedding!


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