Parmesan Penne Pasta

This is a delicious recipe, but it is also very versatile.  Mix it up to make your personal creation.  Try different flavored olive oils (Mix Party has tons of flavors!) or experiment with different vegetable combinations or pastas.  Leave me a comment telling me your personal touches!

1 (16 oz) package of penne pasta
1/2 pound sliced green bell peppers
1/3 pound sliced red bell peppers
2 tablespoons Mix Party Parmesan Infused Olive Oil
1 sliced Zucchini
1 sliced yellow squash
6 ounces chopped mushrooms
1 minced clove of garlic
2 medium tomatoes (peeled, seeded and chopped)
Salt and pepper to taste.

In a large pot, cook penne pasta in boiling salt water.  Drain pasta, leaving it slightly wet.

Cut bell peppers into 1/4 inch strips.  In a large skillet, saute pepper in Parmesan Infused olive oil until soft.  Do not allow peppers to brown.

Add zucchini and squash to skillet and saute for two minutes.

Add mushrooms and garlic to skillet and saute for additional two minutes, stirring frequently.

Add tomatoes and remove from heat.

Combine vegetables and pasta and mix well.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper.



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