Mix Party Hippie Juice

I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday and found this recipe for Hippie Juice that looked delicious.  I have a ton of Mix Party cocktails at home and have been looking for new drink recipes to try so I thought this would be a good one.

The original recipe looks like this:


I substituted the Watermelon Vodka with Mix Party Watermelon Cocktail.
The Malibu Rum was substituted with Mix Party Pina Colada.
I replaced the Triple Sec with Mix Party Lemon Lime Zest.
I realized while I was preparing this that I did not have any pink lemonade.  What I did have was some Strawberry Orange Banana Crystal Light — so I used that instead.
I completely forgot about adding  the strawberries and lemon…oops but not a big deal.


I couldn’t wait to taste it!! My first reaction was WHOA — That first sip was shocking.  It was REALLY strong.  If I would have drank that whole glass, I’m pretty sure I’d be out on the floor!  Mix Party cocktails are 18% — not really what I needed on a Tuesday night!  So, to fix that, I added some Sprite to it and just like that it was unbelievable.  Super yummy!  I guess it’s not a true Hippie Juice – but whatever you want to call it, it ended up being delicious!!

NOTE: If you’re thinking of trying this — the Watermelon and Lemon Lime Zest are available in the Summer Daiquiri Pack that is our June Special.  Here are some other great recipes for the Summer Daiquiri Pack.


Let me know if you want more information!



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