Happy Hour with Tara

I had an amazing time on Saturday hosting a MixParty Happy Hour at my house.  It was so much fun getting together with old friends that I haven’t seen in way too long – and making new friends.

IMG_7003We started off by tasting two types of Bubbles.  I had the Bubbles Moscato and the Bubbles Red chilled and ready to sip.  Each guest got to try a full glass of each.  Our Bubbles line is an Australian Sparkling Wine similar to champagne.

Next it was time to taste some gourmet goodies.  Don’t want my guests drinking on an empty stomach!!  I tried to have a variety of items available so that they could get a good idea of our product line.  Mix Party has 11 different flavors of olive oils and 9 flavors of balsamic vinegars.IMG_6983

We started with baguette bread dipped in their choice of Basil , Southwest, and Butter flavored oils.  I then sprinkled some Egyptian Dukkah in the Basil oil and some Smoky Hot Dukkah in the Southwest and had them dip the bread in those.  The liked them all, but the Southwest Olive Oil with the Smoky Hot Dukkah was a fan favorite.

I also had two bowls of popcorn.  One bowl had the Jalapeno Olive Oil drizzled over it while the other bowl had Parmesan Oil drizzled on it.  Both of these were very well received.

IMG_7690Next we tried the sweeter side of Mix Party Gourmet.  I had made some strawberry shortcake shooters which consisted of angel food cake, strawberries drizzled with Mix Party Chocolate Marshmallow Balsamic Vinegar, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with Sweet Dukkah.  These were another huge hit.  Absolutely delicious!  We also had some pineapple chunks drizzled with the Coconut Balsamic Vinegar.  Another win!

As we transitioned from the gourmet line IMG_7683to the cocktails, I had my guests sample some jello shots made with the Bubbles Blue.  These turned out excellent!  This is the first time in my life I have ever made jello shots and I was surprised (and super stoked!) that they came out so good.

Now it was Cocktail time! Time to party!  The Party in a Box (this is what you get when you host a happy hour) comes with 6 cocktails to try.  It changes from month to month, but the current one comes with Raspberry, Mango, Lemon Lime Zest, Melon Crush, Lemon Sorbet and Tiramisu.  A great summer variety, don’t you think?  I wanted my guests to try all of them so I made sure to use each one in drink recipes.

  • I started with the Mango mixed with some Sparkling Pineapple Juice
  • We also tried the Melon Crush with the Sparkling Pineapple Juice
  • I mixed the Raspberry with some Lemonade (This is sooo good — dangerously good!)
  • The Lemon Lime Zest is quite tart, so I mixed it with some of the Strawberry Cocktail I had on hand and some sprite.  Makes a yummy strawberry limeade.

For the last two cocktails – I wanted to do something special.  I called these my “fancy” drinks.

lemondropFirst up was the Lemon Drop Martini.  You can find the recipe here.  This features the Lemon Sorbet Cocktail and also includes Vodka, Triple Sec, Simple Syrup and Lemon Juice.boozyrecipesWEB(6)

The next drink I made turned out to be the fan favorite (we even had seconds of this one!)  It’s called the Brown Cow Cocktail and features the Tiramisu Cocktail.  Find the recipe here.  Other ingredients include Mix Party Vienna Coffee, Milk, and cream.

All in all it was a successful party.  The guests had a great time laughing and sampling the products.  They even had a chance to create their own drinks.  It was so much fun.


I would love to bring this fun to your house.  If you are in the Houston area, please contact me to set up your own happy hour!

Visit my website (https://tara.mixparty.com) for more info on these products!



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