MixParty Caramel Apple Martini

Fall is approaching and everyone is getting prepared for their Pumpkin Spice flavored drinks — but there is more to autumn than pumpkin spice and changing leaves.  Have you tried a Caramel Apple Martini?  Here is an amazing recipe that just so happens to use two MixParty flavored cocktails that come in this month’s Party in a Box.

apple caramel martiniIngredients:
2oz MixParty Toffee Apple Cocktail
2oz MixParty Butterscotch Cocktail
2oz Apple of Vanilla Flavored Vodka (optional if you want an extra “kick”)
Caramel syrup
Apple slice

Drizzle caramel syrup along the edges of a martini glass
Add liquid ingredients and ice to shaker cup and shake vigorously for about 30 seconds.
Pour into martini glass
Use the apple slice as a garnish

Yummy yummy for your tummy tummy!

Check out the cocktails included in the September Party in a Box:

september piab



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